Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lynchburg Shopping and Barrel House BBQ

When you leave the Jack Daniel's Distillery you can cross a footbridge that goes over a pretty little stream and comes out just about half a block from the town square of Lynchburg.  If you've ever found yourself on the other side of the world and ordered a Jack and Coke you will be amazed to know that the world wide distribution starts in this town of about 361 people. I was in Copenhagen and asked the bartender if he'd ever heard of it and he looked at me like I had two heads. Arriving in the area and imbibing the enchanting small town atmosphere, brings home just what a remarkable thing that really is.

 The town square has several quaint restaurants and several JD gift shops where you can buy anything (and I do mean ANYTHING) you want to commemorate your visit, well, except whiskey. And they use the staves of those used barrels to make everything from rocking chairs, to coat racks.

The store had this display celebrating the new Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey. I'm pretty sure Jack and I could be best friends, I mean we are pretty good friends already. As a beekeeper though, the bee themed honey section just made me smile.

Beekeeping Jack! Clearly we're soul mates.

The General may have to wait a while for the next move...

We decided to try and eat at a local place but it was right around 5:00 and most things were closing up. And this was on a Friday night, which reminded me of the time we were in Arkansas and my husband told our daughter that we needed to eat early because they rolled the sidewalks up at 6:00. She wanted to know just what those fancy sidewalks were made out of that they could be rolled up. The last place open in town was Barrel House BBQ.

I'd eaten some of the meat before I took this photo, there was much more!
 Located a half block off the square they are serving up good food in a down home atmosphere. The staff is friendly and when we were there reruns of The Rifleman were playing on the flat screen. Everything about this place was comforting. My husband ordered the chicken salad wrap and I went for the pulled pork BBQ with a side of beans, 'cause I'm all original like that. While I was waiting for the food to arrive I went to the ladies room and the building must have been a house previously.

There was a shower in the bathroom which led me to wonder just how messy the BBQ was going to be.

I have to say I loved everything about this place. The meat is smoked in a smokehouse just out back and the sauce is for sale, in old school jars. The simplicity of the place is its charm.

 We had fun reading the ceiling and the comments from previous patrons.

Happy travels and eating, y'all!

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