Monday, April 22, 2013

Bedroom Makeover: Part 4: New Life for an Old China Cabinet

A china cabinet seems like a wasted piece of furniture to me. I've used this one as a bookcase in the past but it currently has a new life as a cabinet for belts, hats, scarves and jewelry. 

On a bad day, when I hadn't bothered to keep things tidy, I took this picture.  I have to be creative since  I only have half a closet and a nightstand in the bedroom for storage. I started using this cabinet to relieve some crowding. I also use the peg rack on the wall for hanging  scarves and bags. Things got a bit out of hand over the winter for a myriad of reasons. Notice the duct tape over the vent. Zebra duct tape is classy, don't you think? We were suffocating one night and at 3 a.m. it didn't seem like a bad solution to reduce the amount of heat pouring into the room.

Then, I woke up.

When I decluttered and painted this room the cabinet seemed too dark and somber for the new space. I love this finish but it was paint. My daughter and son both had reservations about redoing it. I pointed out that this is not that BIG furniture decision--whether or not to paint over wood. This wasn't the original finish. I also have other pieces with this finish and would never use all of them together in the same space since it would be super matchy-matchy. When did this decorating by committee start?

 Part of the problem with this storage solution is that you can see the contents through the glass.

I started by removing the hardware and popping out the glass, so I could paint the decorative piece in the door. The glass was held in place by these little pieces of trim on the inside.

Removing the glass made me nervous, but there wasn't a choice. Besides, I had an idea for it. 

 The finish was smooth so a quick dusting was all that was needed. I used spray paint, which seems like cheating but I thought it would work well for all the nooks and crannies on this piece. It gave me a smooth finish and made painting the inside much easier than trying to brush paint awkwardly on the inside. In order to continue making the best storage use of the cabinet and neaten up the look I decided to cover the glass with burlap to hide the contents when the door is closed. I used spray adhesive and smoothed the burlap down. Then I only had to think about which side I wanted facing out--smooth glass or the textured fabric.

I decided to place the textured side out and went about replacing the glass and trim. I added wood glue for a little extra insurance.

These things are always so messy...

Once the painting was complete (this project took 3 1/2 cans of white semi-gloss) I allowed it to dry thoroughly. 

 The last step was to use sand paper to remove paint from certain areas to give it a slightly aged look. Not too much since I was going for a fresh clean look.

We placed it back in its original spot and I organized my accessories. It's nice to be able to see things and painting the inside white really brightened everything up in there! 

 I love the contrast of the rough burlap with the glossy white finish. And my skeptical offspring both gave it high marks when they saw it, admitting that it looked much better and suited the new room really well. I wasn't sure how I'd feel with all this white but it is very refreshing.

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