Monday, April 15, 2013

Scandinavian Bedroom Makeover: Part 2: Decisions and Acquisitions

 I love paint. I'll basically paint anything that will sit still long enough. It's the Spanx of decorating; it covers a multitude of sins.

My overall idea for this room was fresh and clean with lots of natural textures. White for the room except for an accent wall in blue (see Hotel Savoy room from previous post). I was after a shade of blue that  reminded me of my inspiration room in Copenhagen, sailing through Swedish Channels, and the friendliness of the Finns. Surely not too much to ask of a wall color.

Have you ever picked a color because of the name? A friend's bedroom was Swiss Chard once. I loved that.

At Lowe's, I grabbed a couple of shades of blue my eye was drawn to and glanced at the names but the colors were either too gray or pale, too bold or dreary. I finally settled on Scandinavian Sky for the accent wall and Snow Storm for the rest of the room.

The blue was perfect but I was more than a little swayed by the name, I'll admit.

I really wanted curtains with a big weave and those massive nickel grommets you see everywhere. I found a pair at Home Goods and LOVED them but one of the plans I had for this room was to raise the curtain rod all the way to the ceiling and there were no panels longer than 84" to be found. I also began to think about how trendy those grommets are if I'm seeing them everywhere. Like the current rage over subway signs. LOVE THEM, but once I start seeing them mass produced, I'm no longer interested.

I decided to go with burlap and ring clips to get the natural texture I wanted. Meanwhile in Home Goods I found a pillow that gave me both a pop of color and that bird/branch motif I'd seen on the wallpaper on the hotel accent wall.

If I'm not sure if I'm making good design choices I pile fabrics, paint chips, and hardware together. If it's pleasing to the eye in a heap, chances are it will look good when the design is executed in a room. For bedding I chose white everything from Target and I found a shelf on the clearance aisle there with a clean design that screamed "ya dorka dorka ya" or something just as Scandinavian as that.

I'm loving the bold, clean look already.

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