Friday, April 12, 2013

Scandinavian Bedroom with a Southern Twist: Part 1: Inspiration

Spring comes along every year and I open the windows, clean them, and look around. This spring I feel a bit like those British housewives who tore down black out curtains after the war and realized just how they'd been living the past several years. I'm asking myself "How long have we been living like this?"

I'm not sure what happened or whether it was the acquisition of dogs and bees or the trauma of planning a wedding then some  unexpected life crises that caused it, but at some point the private rooms in my house became...neglected. The bathroom, office, and master bedroom fell out of attention getting favor while the rooms everyone can see-- living room, dining room, kitchen and den --were redecorated (There is a spiritual lesson there). At any rate I woke up one day, looked around and realized the bedroom we were sleeping in was depressing. Tired. Cluttered. Devoid of style.

The window over the bed has always flumoxed me. There isn't another wall for the bed to go on and it causes all kinds of design issues since you can't hang anything there and there must be window treatments. My charming new neighbors have a trampoline. And a boat, that I can see from here. Oh yeah, I guess they can see me too. The head/foot boards were originally part of a metal canopy. When I tired of it I took off the top part and placed Styrofoam balls over the open tops. I then painted the entire thing with a hammered metal paint and at the time (15 years ago) it wasn't a bad quick fix. Later, thinking we'd be moving and I needed to neutralize  I painted it this boring green and added plain white curtains. The bedding is a hodgepodge. There are 3 eyesores not shown in this photo since I'm sure how strong your stomachs are: a ceiling fan, of the shiny brass and dark wood variety, a window unit, and an old television much too large for the space with lots of dusty cords attached. 

Admit it. You wouldn't have known this was Styrofoam if I hadn't told you.
I have watched this TV a total of ...let me think...oh yes-- zero times.

Men crack me up. When I told my husband I needed to do something about this space he said, "Why? What's wrong with it?"

Clearly, it has a television so in Man World it is a design success.

I turned to Pinterest for "pinspiration" and noticed that I kept being drawn to the same kind of rooms: 

You get the idea. I finally realized where this fascination for white was coming from...

Copenhagen. Okay, more specifically an attic hotel room at the Hotel Savoy in Copenhagen. As soon as I entered I realized the error of my ways. White could be restful and calm. It wasn't scary at all. All my life I've been afraid of white the way some people are afraid of color and phone calls from their mothers. I don't think I've ever had a white wall in my home. Ever. In 30 years. I like color--what can I say?

The blue on the bed is a little dark and I'd need a pop of color, some textures, and no wallpaper. I love that bird and branch motif on the accent wall though. How to work all that in?

I'll keep you posted.

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  1. That's IT?? Oh, how I HATE cliff-hangers. I hope you've already finished the makeover, taken the pics and are working on the follow-up post.
    I really like your inspiration photos. All white has always scared me a bit, so I'll be waiting to see the final outcome. Don't you have some old doors laying around? And I LOVE the chandelier idea.

    I'm confident that whatever you come up with will be FABulous...