Friday, May 3, 2013

Makeover Complete: Before and After

Goodbye tired, old, and boring! HELLO Scandinavian inspired retreat! Read the Story of Scandinavian Design here.

blue and white bedroom

white and burlap

In case you are wondering where all those scarves and other things went, they found their way into the cabinet you see. It had plenty of storage to organize things out of sight.

Making the most of behind the door for some handy storage. We kept the family photos but spread them out. The two above the peg rack are the kids' senior pics.

These 3 over my husband's night stand are from longer ago, but some of our faves.

eat pray love

 A traditional Swedish horse I picked up in Stockholm and the bottles of vodka we brought home from St. Petersburg. I love this sleek modern little shelf I snagged on the clearance aisle at Target.

Replaced the original pulls on my nightstand with these square map ones. I have a couple of small things left to add but I'm so happy with this redo...on to the office!

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  1. You're being allowed to tackle the office??? Bravo!