Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Salvaged Frame and Travel Art Project

travel art using maps

I rescued an antique frame from a neighbor's house who was throwing it out. You know how I love upcycling some trash to treasure.

It was nice, but sadly some of the molding had chipped off. Actually some parts of it were falling apart. I decided to use wood putty to fill in the best I could and paint it white since it was destined for my new Scandinavian inspired bedroom.

 I can never have enough maps and am a maniac about collecting them when I travel. You could easily use a canvas for this project. But of course in true 99% form, I used what I had. The only thing I purchased were the letter stickers.

 I started by placing the map on the back of the frame. I didn't Mod Podge it until I knew which part would show through the letters. I eventually had to cut another one to cover all the writing on this one. The next step is to take a yard stick and map out a grid of where you want the words to be places. Straight lines are a must for this project!

Then I added the words. I used the names of my favorite foreign cities but you could use street names from a favorite destination of yours, or places you hope to visit someday.

I taped off the frame and covered it with plastic bags to protect it. Can you find the spelling mistake I made?

Once I pressed all the letters down securely it was time to spray paint. I was outside doing this at 7:00 A.M. on a Saturday morning. I was in my pajamas and shaking my can of paint fiercely. Later my neighbor across the street who had her windows open said her overnight guests asked "Is she making cocktails?"

I mean you have to love that. I love gardening in my PJs too, but I try to keep it to a minimum. I'm a morning person, what can I say?

After the paint thoroughly dries carefully peel off the stickers. The large letters did not come off cleanly and I spent a good deal of time removing the sticker mess left behind. Kind of like removing a price tag from hell. Let me clarify that the map is  underneath the glass and the letters/paint are on top. Another way to do this would have been to have put the entire thing under the glass, but you would either need to reverse the letters or find some with the adhesive on the front. All in all I liked the way this went besides, I was doing a fun project not trying to reinvent the wheel.

Finally, in the end all the residual stickiness was removed and I was very happy with the results.

Did you ever see the spelling mistake (corrected here)? I love a puzzle, don't you?

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