Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What's Your Decorating Personality?

I love those little online quizzes. You know the ones, the ones to tell you which Jane Austen character you are or what your fashion style is. I found a fun one recently on the Home Goods website to find out what your decorating personality is. You select the pictures that are most appealing to you. 

Take the quiz here: Home Goods Stylescope. Don't over think it! 

Here are some pics from around my house. Can you guess my decorating personality? 

If you picked Traveler (with a touch of classic) you were right. Here's the definition from the website:

The Traveler is curious about all the corners of the world, whether she's visited them or dreams of going. She welcomes stories into her home through the finds of hidden bazaars and curio counters the world over. She doesn't just look forward to her next trip; she lives abroad in her own home everyday.

Classic knows there's a place for everything—and everything belongs in its place. She's a perfectly tailored dress. A smooth, 4-tiered wedding cake. And she imbues her sense of structure with a graceful elegance, an undisturbed calm, and of course, an irrefutable beauty.

I would have thought with chickens and bees in the backyard I might have had at least a hint of Farmhouse glam ala Green Acres. I can't really argue the results though. They seem fairly spot on.

Take the quiz and let me know what your decorating personality is!

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