Saturday, June 8, 2013

5 Quick Weekend Projects

1. Recovering a lamp shade. I bought this lamp on clearance and have never liked the shade that came on it. Not to worry. It's an easy fix.

 Start by removing the fabric from the frame. This shade had an inner cover which I left in tact.

 Lay the shade down on your fabric and trace the shape of the side for a square shade. Round shades require rolling the shade and tracing the top and bottom as you go.

Cut out your fabric pieces and stitch right sides together until you get to the last piece.

For finishing just whip stitch the first and last pieces together.

Fold the top and bottom inside the frame and cover the rough edges with some kind of trim.

2. If you have a wall with a hodgepodge of artwork or family photos in frames that don't match, but spray paint them all the same color for a unifying effect with punch.

I had to hang a black frame around the thermostat which is smack dab in the middle of the wall compliments of whatever man built this house. No woman would have put it in the exact spot for a large piece of artwork or mirror. This arrangement is a result of forced creativity.

3. Place a small picture inside a bigger empty frame to give it a larger scale. (See above left.)

4. Place a collection of beloved objects in a bowl for display. A child's collection of favorite rocks would suffice.

5. Paint that outdated brass fireplace screen with heat resistant paint for barbecue grills. I did this 3 years ago and it has held up beautifully.

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