Thursday, June 13, 2013

Finally! Last Bit of Bedroom Finished!

Careful readers and observers will have noticed when I posted about my completed Scandinavian bedroom makeover that I only showed you 3 walls. It was because of this:

The TV issue still had not been resolved. There it sat, big and ugly. Dusty. Ruining my design.

Even painting and adding a pop of color with a mirror didn't work. In fact I think it made it worse! But today was the day my husband finished the game he'd been playing on it for (which was rather touchy and made him reluctant to move it). When I came home from shopping the TV was gone and he was dusting the dresser! Just yesterday I'd found the perfect lantern which turned out to work so much better than the collection of glass candle holders I'd planned on using. The $14.00 price marked down from $89 made me even happier with it. I also snagged a black basket to replace my husband's green plastic container for TWO dollars!

Something about the color of the metal and shape of the lantern top reminded me of the rooftops we'd seen on our trip. This was a street in Copenhagen.

I snagged a picture from the bathroom because the orange detail (this was actually a birthday card) and black frame were perfect with the lantern and frame. The suitcases, train, and dogs suited the space perfectly.

 I love grouping things together to see what works...

Okay, I know you LOVE a before and after. Remember where we started? Remember this was an especially messy day!

I love change, don't you?

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