Thursday, June 20, 2013

Time to Update a Table

 I had this round table in our school room for several years. I much prefer a large table for studying to a small desk where there isn't room to spread out. When it (and I) retired from home schooling it made its way to the back porch where I painted it black, but didn't like it. Then I tried red but the red was a horrible shade. I hid it under a vintage table cloth for the last couple of years but it couldn't stay out year round.

I figured Restoration Spring seemed like a good time to tackle this project. I decided to paint the face of a clock on the top. The round piece detaches from the base, so if I ever wanted to use it as a working clock I could remove it, drill a hole in the center and add a clock kit. 

 Step one was finding the center of the table and using a yard stick to mark off where the numbers should go. I then used the adhesive numbers that came in the letter set from my travel poster project.

Once all the numbers were stuck on I painted the entire thing with some leftover white paint. My husband loves it when he gets to throw an empty paint can away.

You can see the number 6 here with the paint all dried and the sticker ready to be removed.

The red paint isn't wretched in small doses. I like the crisp numbers.

I wanted an interesting painted center so I used two different sized flower pot saucers to make perfect circles. Then painted them different colors.

It needed some kind of detail. When I researched clock faces and antique clocks I saw lots of names of clock companies and interesting designs.

I decided to create a fictitious clock company after Royale Street in New Orleans. Fleur di lis details seemed to be an appropriate touch. Sanded, of course, to imply age.

After stenciling the name of the made up clock company and all the other details, I sanded some areas and then added a slight coat of stain for an aged effect. This took longer than anything else! Adding and then subtracting stain by sanding until I got the look I wanted.

Around here it's always time for Change! ;)


  1. Thanks, and no one came out and heckled me while I was photographing the finished product. ;)

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