Friday, September 20, 2013

Empty Nest Nightmare

You think that title means I'm feeling useless and empty don't you? You must be new here. 

A couple of weeks ago my son moved out. Hello, empty nest. I've been told some women are upset about this turn of events when it happens. When you held that baby did you expect it to stay forever, Mrs. Bates? So unhealthy.

My husband has gone out of town for the weekend and I'm in the house alone with two dogs and a cat. I can have popcorn for dinner. Or chocolate. What's not to like?

Yesterday began the great upstairs clean out. Here's the ugly truth about an upstairs: When your kids are born you put them up there and you never go up there again. Okay, maybe if someone was sick. Then you're only thought is "How do they live like this?" My husband was a great fan of visiting them on their own little planet and usually came down the stairs with a look of horror and some complaint about something he observed.

My reaction? Why are you going up there?

But now everyone is gone and I'm seeing the second floor in a new light. A guest room. A beautiful landing. Possibly a little study for me. And miracle of miracles: a bathroom that will stay clean.

But first, I have to walk through hell. Want to see? Of course you do because these pictures are going to make you feel so much better about whatever state your house is in...


Gird your loins, Makeover Darlings.

I know. I'm scared too.

When kids move out they only take what they want. They leave everything else, then ask you not to have a yard sale. Okay, hello, Goodwill. 

She moved out several years ago but my daughter doesn't want me to paint over the palm tree from when she asked for a beach theme when she was twelve.

 My son is equally upset that this football stadium mural on his wall is about to go.

There should be a law about giving stickers to anyone under 21. On the ceiling fan? Really? I say we let them drink at 18 and card for stickers 3 years after that.

Oh, don't even get me started on the sad little bathroom...

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  1. I can't wait to see the outcome! I KNOW it will be FAB :)