Friday, September 27, 2013

Guest Room Makeover

guest bed

Okay, okay, I know. I promised you a big reveal on Friday. But today I ran across something that was so spot on for so many women I know, I thought I'd post it instead. So many of us have that one undone thing that is nagging at us. But what Beth Moore says in this video about not rushing to get a project done when the thing you are doing is your "happy place" hit me square between the eyes.  Here's the link to the video.

What's Undone

Now so as not to be a complete liar I am giving you a progress report. Next week I'll fill in the blanks and share details with you. I'll also give you a little insight into some of what is in store for October. Remember where we started?

Dirty, cluttered, and slightly smelly...

Fresh but boring...

Warm, fun, and cheery.

Stay tuned.

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