Tuesday, October 8, 2013

30 Years of Ugly

30 years is way too long to put up with ugliness. We can take control of our lives and make them over into something closer to what we truly desire but first we have to see things as they are, face reality, plan, and then take action.

Action is the key. You can do all the other steps but without acting, nothing will ever change. Here's what I mean. This is an ugly bookcase that is part of a set of furniture my husband got when he was a teenager. I don't even know what you would call this wood. It's just such an odd color. I've hated it our entire married life. I've suggested selling this entire set at every yard sale we've ever had, but my husband is change averse. I on the other hand can easily let go of things and embrace change with glee. This piece was definitely a candidate for change. I've imagined that it could be painted to look better and have hardware replaced to be more attractive.

Please note that I've been thinking this for 3 decades! It's been practical to be sure. And since I didn't care for it and it was indestructible it ended up in my son's room. Boy's rooms are where furniture goes to die. They will kill it. Most likely by suffocation with stickers or blunt trauma.

But this is the year of fresh starts for everything and the end of overlooking anything ugly that has been skulking around my home. So this bookcase is getting a new life. In tomorrow's post I'll cover the redo and reveal.

Is there something ugly or intolerable that you haven't confronted?

Honestly asses the situation.
Plan the change you want.
Take action.

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