Thursday, October 24, 2013

A New Purpose: China Cabinet Rebirth

I love using things for something other than what they were intended for. I had this lovely vintage china cabinet that had been antiqued in the 1960's by a family member. I love the traditional shape and hardware. But I'm not really the kind of girl who is going to display china. I am however short on space for storage in the bedroom so I thought this piece would be perfect for storing accessories like hats, scarves, and small handbags. There is even a drawer below to house lingerie.

Since this piece was going to be moved to my newly redecorated Scandinavian inspired bedroom, this dark finish was going to have to go. It meant removing the glass panel and hardware for painting. For this piece I just used a flat spray paint in white.

Since I was going to be using it for storage and not display I wanted to cover the glass with burlap to conceal the contents.

After using spray adhesive to adhere the burlap to the glass I carefully replaced the glass using wood glue and finishing nails to hold the trim in place.

 I lightly sanded the edges do give it a bit of character...

After letting it dry overnight I filled it with accessories. So much more useful than a china cabinet. 

Look at things as what they could be instead of whatever their original purposes were. Our lives are changing and it's okay to be creative and imaginative in your design.

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