Saturday, October 19, 2013

Evolution of a Mom Cave

Nothing furthers restoration sometimes like carving out a little time and space to be alone. I'd always known my daughter had the best room in the house when she was growing up, even if the door didn't close all the way making it impossible to keep little brothers and nosy cats out.

When she got married my son took over her room as a studio for making art and music. Few things make me as happy as seeing how creative both my children turned out to be. And when he moved out I decided to claim the space for my own.

Why should only men get caves?

It's a valid question. So after completing the guest room, redecorating the tiny bath, and making the landing a thing of beauty, I was ready to tackle a ...


Studio? Craft room? Fortress of Solitude?

I'll worry about the name later. Right now let's have a progress report:

 I really did have my work cut out for me. It's a good thing I thrive on challenges.

The first thing I picked up after I got the room painted and started to think about how it might function was this cart. Snagged it at the Goodwill for fifteen bucks. I'll deal with that yellow tape on the handle later. It looks like maybe it came from a commercial kitchen.

Isn't paint amazing? It never ceases to amaze me how much of a transformation a can of latex can make. See that ugly ceiling fan? with the naked light kit that is about to fall off?  I detest overhead lighting and thought a pretty chandelier would have been awesome but this upstairs room is super hot in the summer and the fan is a necessity.

Remember where the dresser started? That weird little door under the window leads to the attic.

I needed to find a place for all my books and craft supplies...

 I have a Goodwill about 2 miles away and I breeze through there all the time just to see what's there. The other day I ran across this piece for fifteen dollars. It's cleaned up in this pic but when I brought it home it was covered with grass, mud, and spider eggs. I will so fight spiders for a cool piece of furniture. I suspect it came out of a school art room. LOVE all those little cubbies!

I shoved as much stuff on it as soon as I could in order to have more floor space. There is still SO much work to do, but as you can see we have progress.

Sometimes a restoration takes baby steps. And you know what? That's okay. 

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