Monday, October 14, 2013

Naked Style

I remember when my daughter was small and she had a friend over to play. The little girl went home and told her mother we had pictures of naked people in our house.

The "naked" picture she'd seen was a print of Boticelli's the Birth of Venus in our bathroom at the time.

Dear God, spare me from the small minded. You know how I can't take them.

I thought of this story because my son is an artist and in his first semester of college, in his drawing class they had live nude models really often. I thought that was why his attendance was so good but later he never missed astronomy or print making either, so maybe I just wasn't giving him enough credit.

I really wanted one of his sketches for our bedroom when I redid it but he wouldn't give it to me. A couple of weeks ago however, when he was cleaning out some stuff he brought me his portfolio and told me to use whatever I wanted.

I picked out my favorite, framed her, and hung her in the upstairs bath. She was so delicate and lovely however that I felt she needed a more dignified setting. I framed my second favorite and when I saw them together they were even more beautiful.

 I framed a third. While I had it like this my daughter came over and I told her I thought it needed even more and she said asked how many I had. I had quite a few I especially liked.

"Fill up the entire wall. Cover it with them."

Bright and early the next morning I headed to the Goodwill to hunt for odd black frames. The paper, inks, and styles were different on these sketches, so I thought it would be cool if the frames were as well.  I loved how graceful and discreet all these pictures were. There was a certain charm to them  when they were grouped together I hadn't expected.

Today"s lesson: The naked truth is that sometimes more is more.

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  1. SO beautiful! I love them with the slope of the ceiling in that spot.