Thursday, October 31, 2013

Season of Restoration Final Post

So here we are. Day 31. When I started this little challenge I didn't know if I could really post 31 days in a row. It was a lot easier than I thought. My house is such a better place than when I started. Since it's Halloween I thought I'd post some scary pics of things in September...

My favorite Bible verses are the ones where God says He is doing a new thing. I like that. Besides who just wants to keep doing the same old thing?

I love a happy ending though, don't you?

And me? Inner restoration can take a lot longer than 31 days, but the key is to focus on where you want to go, make a plan for getting there, and take baby steps.

As a matter of fact, that plan works for just about anything.

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  1. I've SO enjoyed the season of restoration. Brava, Madame M. Well done!