Friday, October 11, 2013

Sometimes You Need Inspiration

That dresser with the stickers from my daughter's room was ugly. The wood was the color of maple. I have a real aversion to maple as furniture. Leave it in the autumn countryside and on pancakes. The bones were nice but I don't care for dresser/mirror combinations either. My daughter had been hard on it. Nail polish, water stains, and is that a sticker I see on the mirror? Here are a few pics to show you just how drab and sad it was looking.

It wanted to be something fabulous when it graduated to grown up furniture. I scrolled through countless pictures on Pinterest looking for inspiration and found this:

Angels were singing. I loved this look, but could I recreate it? Look at the top. It's not painted which means I would need to strip and refinish the top of my dresser. 

That means lots of hard work...

Tomorrow I'll show you what I did and how it turned out. 

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