Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sparkle and Shine Upgrade for an Old Mirror

Do you remember this space in my stairwell, the one with the Emerson quote?

 I had a hard time painting over it and then didn't really have a plan for that odd space. I did know I didn't want a cluttered group of tired family photos climbing the stairs...

Then today, I was in Goodwill and saw this...I cringed at the $23.00 price.

 Loved the shape but that wood combination was hideous. It still had the price tag someone had originally paid on the back.

It was a little banged up, but you know how I love that.

A can of Valspar metallic and some French blue chalk paint later...

We call this an upgrade.

A shiny chic mirror was just what this dark underlit stairwell needed to give it some sparkle and punch.

I love that it reflects the French blue dresser and gold mirror.

That railing needs some attention and I have one more trick up my sleeve for this space...

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