Saturday, October 5, 2013

Transition Woes

I use to be a speed decorator. My goal was to repaint and redecorate in one day so that no one ever saw my house in disrepair. I have a vision for something lovely that I am working toward but no one can see it but me, since it's all in my head. My biggest fear was that people would see a work in progress and think that I was going to leave it that way or, since I make a lot of mistakes, that people would think I didn't know what I was doing.

Guess what. Sometimes I don't know what I'm doing.

I got over this need to project perfection (and a projection it surely was). Now I don't even cringe when I post pictures of a work in progress or my husband's office. Okay, I did cringe a little when I posted that one.

Projecting perfection helps absolutely no one. You know what helps people? Being able to say "I'm a mess" or "Things are really bad right now" and then letting people know how you are getting through it. What helps people is being willing to be authentic enough to say "I've been there."

Let's just all admit perfection is unattainable and let that fantasy go.

I was reading the posts over on the Nesting Place and in the one where she took her shutters down she wrote this:

Don’t let the knowledge that something could publicly look worse when it’s in transition to looking better stop you from making a change–

I think that is great advice to remember. 

Let's be willing to be honest enough to help each other.

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