Friday, October 4, 2013

Uncovering Secrets

My son moved out a few weeks ago and I set about making his horrible live-at-home-college-student-room into a bright fresh guest room. Here's how he left it the day he moved out.

 It's okay to feel sorry for me. But I like a challenge so I set about making trips to the Goodwill with all the junk he said he didn't want and cleaning. See that roll up shade? I took it down and discovered that dirt daubers had been nesting there for years inside this second story window. Mud, actually the consistency of concrete, was packed all along the top of the window.

It was nasty. Sometimes we have to deal with things that are ugly and hard to get at. This was a second story window so I had to work from the inside. I found a long barbecue fork and used plyers to bend the ends to make a little hook to get inside the track of the window. I jabbed and poked the casings while little larvae fell down on my arm.

It took me about an hour. I wanted to quit and just hang that shade back up hoping no one would notice. What kept me from doing that? My vision for what the room could be. Even though the work made me sqeamish and I was trying not to fall out the window, I recognized it as part of the process necessary to get where I wanted to be.

 Restoration is a process. It is probably going to require you poking around in some nasty places that make you squeamish. But here's the thing. You don't want to look better on the surface. You want to be fully restored and whole. Depending on what you're dealing with, you may need outside help. If this had been a hornet nest or a colony of wasps and I could have really gotten hurt, I wouldn't have done this on my own. If you need help, ask.

During the hard work of uncovering all the wounded and hurt places, keep your vision of your fully restored life in mind. When I finished the room here's how it turned out.

Keep making a little progress every day and do not give up.

If you are going through hell, keep going. ~ Winston Churchill

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