Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Redefining Cozy

adjective: cosy; comparative adjective: cosier; superlative adjective: cosiest; adjective: cozy; comparative adjective: cozier; superlative adjective: coziest

giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation.


 I love this word and the feeling it describes: snug, comfortable, warm, homey. It's the feeling of Christmas, cabin, or curling up with a book an a rainy day preferably with a fire and cup of tea. 


 It is the antithesis of putting on shoes (and a bra, if we are being honest) and going out to exercise. You may recall that I whined about it earlier in the month on a drizzly cool Saturday morning when I didn't want to leave the house. When I was sorry for letting you know about my 90 mile walking challenge for November. 


 I did go to yoga that day and for a walk. When I entered the yoga studio I realized that while sparse it was also cozy. Dim lighting, soothing music, yoga blankets and gleaming wood floors were just as comforting as my sofa at home. And nothing says relaxation like someone putting a warm cloth on your eyes and massaging your neck during Shavasana, the period of relaxation at the end of your practice.


 Later I bundled up against the elements and headed to the park to walk 3 miles. The sky was gray and the golden leaves blew across the path as I walked along. Squirrels also bombed me with acorns but that is another story. I could smell the wood burning in someone's fireplace. I noticed that the coots had returned from wherever they go in the summer. My hands felt warm inside my gloves. 


 When I sat by the fire later in the evening it was made more cozy by the fact that I'd been out in the weather. Like adding salt to a sweet dessert, it was the contrast that made the coziness of home more intense. 


 Remember that the next time you are struggling with putting your shoes on. The returning home and snuggling up will be all the sweeter knowing you loved yourself into a little action first. 



  1. Turmeric tea and a cookie? Yay! Look at healthy you :)

  2. And it was a Kashi cookie! I love those. Nothing I can't pronounce.