Tuesday, November 12, 2013

When Did That Happen?

Hands down, favorite picture of my daughter ever.
A couple of weeks ago while eating sushi with the kids my daughter mentioned that I'd be turning 49 this year.

My son dropped his chopsticks and proceeded to have some kind of weird epiphany, as if he were realizing how old I was for the first time.

"How can you be 49???"

"The same way you can be 22 and your sister is going to be 28 in a couple of weeks."

It started again as he looked at her in dismay.

"YOU are going to be TWENTY EIGHT?"

Time is a funny thing isn't it? We can grasp our own aging but in some strange way we expect others to stay the same. Have you ever been freaked out by seeing the kids of friends if you haven't seen them for a while? Even though you are aware of how your own kids have grown.

Humans have funny brains.

So today actually is the day my daughter turns 28 and this post is just a celebration of her. I happen to think she's pretty awesome.

and organized.

and bossy.

If you think I'm kidding here's a link to her amazing blog, Organized Charm

You are welcome, world.

 Please ignore my son in law's shirt in this photo. We are trying to fix him. 

It's such a great thing to have kids who love each other. You know if they don't kill each other before adulthood.

Happy Birthday, Sweetpea!

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