Monday, December 9, 2013

Finals Stress by Proxy

Every year. Every single year. My college students and all the other college students I know and love make the first couple of weeks in December hard. I know they are going to think it's hard for them, but it's because they can't hear themselves:

My daughter just posted this photo with this as her status:  You know it's gonna be a rough week when you have to write "shower" (followed by a question mark) on your calendar. #gradschoolprobs #finalsweek #almostthere

Another recent one: 

Staring at a computer screen for 10+ hours at a time. Eating once a day. Crying in public. Clearly, the end of the semester is here. — at University of Memphis.

Here are a couple from the daughters of friends: 

Sometimes during the stress of finals I think to myself, "I'd be totally ok if Jesus came back right now." #finalsweek 

The toll of finals week has finally caught up to me... I just tried using my liquid face soap as shampoo. #finals #needsleep #almostover #onemoreday #delusional #needprayer

The worst year was the one where she had a wreck the week of finals. I had to drive her to and from all her classes. She whined. She complained. She criticized my driving. There was a mobile wailing and gnashing of teeth. The parents I know whose kids are away at school cringe when the phone rings. No one wants to answer it only to hear "I'm going to (pick one) die, fail, quit, give up, or become a migrant farm worker."

Hang in there, mom it's almost over.

You'll pass with flying colors.

Oh, and maybe it's a strictly female phenomenon. My son tweeted this last night:

 Brian Eno & Coffee. studying aint that bad.

Good. Can you call your sister and talk her off the ledge? 

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