Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fixing Those Nagging Small Problems

 One of the things I'm starting the new year off with is just doing some of those nagging little projects you see around the house and keep putting off. Not something so big as painting a room or replacing curtains but really small things like replacing a picture that just isn't working.

Or even smaller things. I had two light bulbs  (light bulbs, people!) that were out upstairs, but in areas that aren't really used. Still I kept noticing and making a mental to get it done. I had a clock whose battery had died and every time I looked at it it was annoying but it's by the front door and I was always on my way out when I looked at and felt that frustrating "Need to do that" in my brain. Some books I am no longer attached to needed a new home. Note: I didn't say they need the perfect home. Just another home besides here. The rest will be up to Goodwill.

Saturday I got up and decided to knock out all these little annoyances. The light bulbs, the clock, the books.

A shirt that I couldn't wear because it needed ironing . A button that needed replaced. Printing out some labels for containers.

Once I got started I couldn't stop. 

Sometimes the devil really is in the details. None of these things took longer than a couple of minutes once I started.

Then yesterday my husband was trimming some trees and noticed ivy growing across our bedroom window. He pulled it down. I'm sure he thought I hadn't noticed it but when I ran out to thank him for doing it I told him that I'd noticed it every day for weeks and it was on my mental to-do-list. 

You could probably get up right now and do 5 things in 15 minutes that would alleviate that little nagging feeling in your brain.

You'll feel so good about it, you'll wonder what took you so long.

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