Friday, February 28, 2014

Wardrobe Essentials: The B Team and Other Necessities

 In the last post I covered the dozen pieces that are versatile and efficient for getting you through life. Those were your A team. Once you've acquired them, you can move on to this list to flesh out the great bones of a classic wardrobe you've started. Today is list B (other great pieces you'll want to add) and C, necessities for when it doesn't matter how you look.

A note about color: Though I list black as a neutral in these posts, after a certain age you have to be careful about wearing it close to your face. I finally had to give up a wardrobe staple: the black turtleneck, because I looked ten years older when I wore it. Camel, brown, and gray are much more friendly next to those fine (and not so fine) lines. If you think I'm making this stuff up read the article, Black Clothes Can Put Years on You.  Your classic Little Black Dress is going to need a low (but not too low) neckline so you can look stunning in it at any age. Now, on to our list.

The Breton shirt. It simply never goes out of style. Ever. Here's a Brief History of the Iconic Breton Stripe.

Animal print or snakeskin belt. Adorable and interesting over a cardigan or to change up a sheath.

Black leather jacket. Because some days you just want to feel fierce. Mine is a classic fitted piece with zippers for a little edginess. It came from a local thrift store and cost thirty bucks.

Wool winter coat in a neutral if you live where it's cold or better rain gear for wet climes. 

Scarves in all lengths and colors, some silk, some wool. Accessorizing is how those few neutral pieces are going to keep looking fresh. After a certain age you are going to want a scarf for your neck (whether it's cold outside or not).

Boots in brown and black. I wear them all winter and so have flats and heels in both colors.

Animal print flats, a neutral ballet slipper, or moccasins. Your go-to shoe for every day errands.

Nude heels. You can wear any color in your wardrobe with them and they eliminate the brown/black choice when traveling. Literally if you were going to buy only one dress shoe this would have you covered.

The last two posts cover a basic wardrobe for being in public. It works if you stay at home, work in an office, or travel. But we all know this isn't the end of the list, don't we? You are going to need a couple of old shirts and pants for painting or yard work, some work out clothes and running shoes, socks, or yoga wear, a couple of pairs of pajamas for summer and winter,  tights in black and brown, leggings especially in colder climates.
Last but certainly not least you are going to want some decent lingerie.  Something sexy and lacy under your clothes makes you feel feminine and pulled together, even if no one knows it's there except you. And buy a robe, a lesson I learned the hard way when room service arrived at 6 AM, and I had nothing to throw on over aforementioned lingerie.

Like it or not people get their first impression of you based on your style. Want to be taken seriously? Get your wardrobe together and you can stop thinking about it so much and go on to ending world hunger, reforming education, or whatever else you have on your world changing to do list for the day.

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