Tuesday, March 25, 2014

3 Fast Candle Recycling Projects

Who hasn't stood over the trash can or recycling bin with a jar candle that has burned to the bottom and felt a pang of guilt as you tossed it? Here's a great way to keep the jar and let the guilt go.

1. Purchase a better quality candle that will burn cleanly and completely to the bottom. This does half the work for you.

2. In a pan of water (a couple of inches is enough) melt the wax and pour it out onto some newspaper or any other paper in your recycling bin. If you are feeling ambitious and crafty gather some pine cones to dip in the wax.

3. Pour the melted wax out onto the paper or dip your pinecones into it. Fold the paper up to make a little packet and tie with raffia. Or lay your wax covered pine cones out to dry. You have just used the leftover wax to make great fire starters you can use this summer in your fire pit or next fall in your fireplace.

4. Scrape as much leftover wax off the side of the container as you can.

5. Use boiling water to remove even more wax.

6. Use alcohol to remove the last bits, then polish, remove labels if they haven't already come off.

7. Find a use for your free handy dandy new container.

Here's a set of 3 glass bathroom canisters I found on the internet for $52.99

Mine, looks strikingly similar and cost me nothing.

This project (a twofer if you are making the firestarters) takes about ten to 15 minutes.

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