Friday, May 16, 2014

Why the House is Never Going to Be "Done"

Good grief. Evolution just goes on and on doesn't it? I am amused when every once in a while my husband asks "When is the house going to be done?"

Pretty funny stuff, huh?

It's not that I'm not content with what I have. And it certainly isn't that I love trends and feel the need to keep up. Not trying to impress anyone either. No, it's that I love projects. Yes the house has been good enough the way it was, lots of times.

Am I the only one looking around and thinking that everything could be just a little bit better? The entire universe just needs a bit of tweaking. But since my time and resources are limited, I'll stick to the house.

Things keep happening and you keep getting exposed to new better ways of doing things. This is how I"m sure I sound to my husband:

"Hey this would be perfect in Bossy's new loft, I'm giving it to her." 

"Look at the color of that leaf. Wouldn't that be gorgeous on a wall?"

"Scandinavian form meets function and minimalism, let's try that."

"Where did I get it? I found it on the side of the road, but I know it can be something amazing. Hand me that brush."

"We have too many things. Let's have a yard sale."

"Why can't we get rid of something of yours?"

He often wants to know "What was wrong with it?" in the middle of one of my projects. But at the end he never fails to embrace the changes. "That is so much better!"

Oh. I know.

But in addition to wanting improvements, things tend to change. Plus life changes. A lot. Baby items must be collected and then dispersed. Homes must be made baby proof, then kid friendly. A daughter is tired of pink, then moves out, moves back, then marries. A college age son moves out and needs things. A relative dies and leaves us something lovely. Where will it go?

So the short answer to my husband's question is never. The house will never be done. It's evolving just like our family and our life.

More about what all this looks like, coming up next time.

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