Friday, July 4, 2014

Home Made Plant Markers For a Restaurant Patio

My daughter works at a restaurant this summer, while waiting for her first teaching job to start, where the chef grows his own herbs on the patio. It's not uncommon to order a mojito and watch the bartender go out and pick the mint for your drink. But Princess OCD who is busy trying to organize the world over on her blog,  Organized Charm noticed that the plants were unmarked. She set about remedying that. She found a clever and cheap idea over on Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss.

Luckily,  I had small dowels left over from my daughter's wedding....3 years ago. Remember the ribbon wands? I also had an aluminum tray leftover from Thanksgiving. The original instructions called for making the words with a very sharp pencil, but I'd bought a set of letters for engraving on furniture and my daughter used those instead.

You start by cutting out little flags from your aluminum catering tray. Then you emboss them on a soft surface with the letters.

The last step is to wrap them around the dowel and glue them into place.

We think they turned out to be adorable and it was super easy!

 Now the patrons on the patio will know what they are looking at!

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