Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Leaving Room for Change in Life and Decorating

About five years ago I finished my living room. I'd inherited lovely antiques, put my favorite yellow on the walls, and the room had all the elements I'd always imagined I would want to make it perfect. I like the things in the room and each one holds a special memory. The room "came together" which is what decorators want.

So what's the matter with me that I want to change it?

Here's what I've noticed about myself in decorating and other areas of life. I like the possibilities. In things I pin on Pinterest I noticed a lot of them had mirrors or art work leaning up against a wall instead of being properly hung up.

I'm drawn to the idea of the unfinished. As long as you don't put a nail in the wall that picture can go anywhere.  This idea of the unfinished is why we are drawn to stories of lovers who can't be together. It's what is mesmerizing about unfinished paintings by famous artists. 

In a recent conversation with my husband I tried to explain this being open to what could happen when he wanted me to nail down my thinking on something. I had to share a new thing that I know about myself that I didn't know just a few years ago:

I'm more comfortable with the questions than with the answers.

There's a lot of change and uncertainly in life. We spend a lot of time and energy fighting against that. Then it happens anyway.  There's a flow to life and no matter how much you want to freeze time because you like the way things are right now, it all just keeps moving. You don't want to dig your feet in too deep. You may break a leg when the river changes course.

More and more I'm happy to leave a wall blank, hang a chalk board, or a bulletin board for photos...things that can be changed.

I've told you on this blog before that the furniture, projects, and design of this house very often represent wants going on with me on a deeper level. The house is a reflection of where I am emotionally and spiritually. Right now it's all about paring down to what is important. Painting walls white. Editing. And possibilities. Leaning lots of artwork instead of nailing it up. Leaving lots of space open for change...

embracing what could be.

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