Monday, September 1, 2014

How and When are You Starting Over?

This blog is about fresh starts and second chances. People generally think of those ideas in terms of big, life altering events like rebuilding after a divorce or starting a new job in a new city. New Year's is an epic date on most people's calendars for a do over in the coming year. Every year at this time the kids go back to school and it feels like a chance to begin again. There's also Lent, birthdays, and fiscal years.

You are actually doing it more than you think and in ways that are significant. Here are some things you are probably doing that you hadn't considered new beginnings.

Starting an exercise program.
Joining a yoga class.
Deciding to read more.
Getting involved in a cause you are passionate about.
Restoring a piece of furniture, allows it to begin again as something beautiful.
Defining your style and editing your wardrobe.
Going Paleo.
Starting that new hobby.
Repairing a relationship.
Cleaning out a closet.

You get the idea.

Second chances abound. 

Every morning when you wake up you get a do over. Whatever happened yesterday is gone and you can begin again today. Your epic second chance doesn't have to seem important to everyone else, but it may be the most important thing in your life. Stop regretting all the big missed opportunities or things that didn't work out and start over doing what is important just for today, just for you.

It's the first day of a new month, still the start of the school year, and the end of summer. It seems like a fitting time to take stock. Those resolutions from January that have long since fallen by the wayside can be picked up. I don't know about you but mine got slammed against the wall early on while my husband and I cared for our mothers. Some of the things I had resolved to do were things I needed lots of uninterrupted time for, so those didn't happen. I wasn't unproductive, but productive isn't necessarily effective. At least not this year, not in the way I wanted to be.

So who's in? Anyone else need a fresh start,  a makeover, and a second chance?

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