Friday, October 24, 2014

A Dresser Mirror Stands on its Own

Today, I'm showing you a mirror I recently finished. This is the mirror that previously was attached to the French Provincial dresser on the landing. They work so much better as two separate pieces and when you look closely you can tell that they didn't even match. Someone just stuck them together at some point.

I found this on the back of the mirror.
My in-laws purchased this "set" (none of the pieces matched) in the 50s. My husband had written his name on it at some point during his childhood.

Here is the mirror with the chalk painting completed.

After applying the coat of clear wax I sanded and aged it.

The last step, and the most fun is the aging wax. I brush it on smashing it deep into cracks and crevices. The entire process is very forgiving. You can play with it a lot. 

The last step is to buff the aging wax until you have a smooth glossy finish and enjoy your beautiful new masterpiece.

Don't be afraid to take things apart and use them in different ways. I'm dying to try this mirror standing on a console by the front door or in the dining room. There are so many possibilities! 

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