Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Room of Your Own

I'm going to be honest right up front and say you don't always get this. You can have it before kids, and you can have it when they move out. In between you are lucky if you can call the kitchen your own. Those pesky little people are going to find you wherever you are. If there is spare space in the basement your husband is going to claim that.

But lucky you! You still have the kitchen. I know it sucks. But later when they all go off to college and full time jobs and grown up land, remember this. Because those empty rooms that they leave behind are not going to continue to display cheer leading ribbons and football trophies. That's what the attic is for. You know they aren't going to want that stuff, right?

And in another bitter truth no one will tell you (aren't you glad you came here?) they only take what they want and leave the rest. When my kids moved out it looked like this. Well this was after I primed over the palm tree that was painted in the corner.

A couple of coats of paint helped immensely. Can you believe that dresser on the right is the piece from yesterday's post?

I had a short run in with industrial. But as my daughter said "You still do cottage when you are trying to do something else!" I guess that's when you know what your style is.

So after years of doing all your crafts on the dining room table you get to become a squatter in your own home! A separate craft table and writing space? Luxury beyond belief! This is what empty nest syndrome looks like. :)

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