Thursday, October 9, 2014

Framing It

The frame pictured above was in my neighbor's trash. Trash, people!

Framing is one of those expensive things that can put a crunch in your decorating budget. I do almost all framing myself unless I have something that I adore that is an unusual size. But normally, my favorite frame source is a thrift store. I know that when I'm checking out people are thinking that I have the worst taste in art ever. I have purchased some truly hideous pictures. I actually wish now that I'd taken pictures of them before tossing them because you would have been highly amused.

I also don't pay attention to color. That is what paint is for. I always keep black and white spray paint on hand; it covers a multitude of ugly.

 For this collection of family photos in the bedroom I took 3 mismatched frames, painted them white and sanded the edges.

You don't even necessarily need a proper frame. For this vintage family photo behind my camera collection I simply attached the picture and matte to a piece of foam core board left over from another project. This is a perfect solution for artwork that you might want to change out. If you are just leaning artwork there's no need to frame it at all.

In addition to painting mismatched frames to match you can give a small picture more presence by hanging a larger empty frame around it. That's what I did on the left in this photo.

I made a topographical map in my studio more substantial by tacking it to a framed bulletin board instead of straight to the wall.

A collection of my son's artwork in mismatched frames from Goodwill.

 The two vintage maps above and below are in thrift store frames. The large map would have cost me a pretty penny to have professionally framed. Instead I used spray adhesive to attach it to (yet more) foam core board and kept checking Goodwill until they had one the right size. I think I only went twice before finding the perfect one.

Below is another collection of my son's work. The center picture was professionally framed due to its odd size. The other two were thrifted and even had the correct color mattes. 

I'm not saying I never have anything framed professionally but it's my last resort. Over the years I've saved a lot by doing it myself.

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