Thursday, October 23, 2014

From Drop Cloth to Drape

Does this ever happen to you? You have an idea that seems like it will be amazing, you collect supplies, spend most of the day on it, put it in place, and then find that you aren't sure you  like it? This is the story of yesterday. At the top of my staircase There are all these sharp angles I was hoping to soften a bit, and in the process baffle a bit of sound from downstairs that bounces up here. It's why when I made this landing into a cool study space a few years back, my kids couldn't actually use it. 

So my plan was to hang a hand painted piece of painter's drop cloth here from a rod to achieve the softening and baffling I was after.

I had this rod that wasn't being used and it was perfect for a space where no one will see it. Here's a tip: if you have one of these cheap rods that is too long you can easily bend it until it breaks. Use pliers to round it back out and you are good to go. I spray painted this one silver when I was finished.

For this project I used a large painter's drop cloth, a yard stick, masking tape, textile medium and acrylic paint.

I wanted giant stripes, so I measured off one foot bands and used masking tape to mark it off for painting.

I mixed up the paint according to the instructions.

It would have taken another coat of paint for a more uniform look, but when I got this far I loved the brushy look of the paint against the canvas. It reminded me of a French Impressionist painting. The phrase plein air came to mind and I stopped while it looked like this.

John Constable, Clouds 1822

 I put my newly painted and shortened rod up and used clip rings (my favorite invention ever)  to attach the fabric and hang it up.

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