Saturday, October 11, 2014

Let's Talk Chairs

I don't have to tell you that furniture is expensive. And that it's a terrible investment of money. Once it's delivered to your home it depreciates in value worse than a new car. But lucky for us the other thing about it is that there is a lot of it! There is so much of it in fact that people just throw it out when they don't want it. On my street this week there sits a lovely shaped 1960s sofa that I would have picked up if it hadn't rained. So it just sits there waiting for trash day, looking charming and sad.

One of the things that there are in abundance are chairs. Here are some of mine, where I found them, and how much I paid. I stumbled upon these two French style classroom chairs in Goodwill for the astounding price of three bucks a piece. 3. Dollars.

 I love that some bored students along the way left their marks. I could easily redo them and they'd be beautiful, but sometimes the beauty is in the imperfections.

The chair on the left was picked up at an estate sale for fifteen dollars. It was in rough shape and I refinished it. It's a stunner. The one on the right was being discarded by neighbors after their elderly stepdad passed away. It was free. Read about how I refinished them here.

 A few years ago I was visiting yard sales with a friend so she could look for furniture for her daughter's room. She picked up this chair for ten (10!) dollars. The daughter hated it so I was the lucky recipient. It's massive and well made. It is not pet friendly so it ended up in my studio and it's where I sit and read and think.

 The lines are amazing!

Before I found those two authentic bankers chairs I picked this knock off up at Target on clearance. I think I paid around forty dollars for it but it had been ninety so I was feeling pretty good about it. It has gotten a lot of use from every member of our family over the years. 

This chair I inherited from my in laws when we moved into our house. Hideous 1970s fabric was covered by a couple of slipcovers when the kids were growing up. It was called the Story Chair. I sat in it while I read all the classics aloud to them. (sniff) Read the complete history of this chair here.

If you are starting out and are in need of furniture, do not despair. There is lots of furniture out there. Cheap. Sometimes even free. You just have to look for it and then over look what may be wrong with it. Everything can be improved with a little time and usually with very little money. Good luck chair hunting!

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