Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Recycled Ideas for Walls

When people hear the term "personalizing" in reference to home decor they generally think of family photos in frames on a table or on the walls.

I'll confess to not being a big fan of things like framed graduation or baby pictures. That's for your grandmother's house.  But I can't have my family feeling completely unloved. I've solved the problem in the picture above: a large bulletin board with a modern black frame. And the board has a theme: travel.

I also keep it updated. I like very old photos in black and white, or very recent ones.

I try to be a bit more creative in the personalizing department. Here's vintage map I found in a closet. It was produced the year our house was built. It hangs by the front door and provides an interesting conversation piece.

How about a craft project featuring names of places you've traveled with your family backed with those maps you always come home with? 

The picture in the black frame is actually a birthday card I gave to my husband a few years back. It has two dogs with suitcases, at a train station. Perfect piece of art for a pair of traveling animal lovers. 

Use things that you and your family love and are special to you. That's what says "beautiful

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