Monday, October 27, 2014

Recycled Post on Glass Cutting

 Just back from a vacation and I'm recycling a post about recycling so I don't have to miss a day! I know all the 31 Dayers will understand. You must excuse the horrible pictures.  If I'm not trying to save the container for a home made lotion or cream, I'm looking at it thinking whether or not it would make a nice set of juice glasses or a funky vase. 


Usually  I starteoff with a LOT of bottles.

I thought these little pomegranate sparkler bottles would have made an adorable set of juice glasses.  You can see the line where I scored the bottle.

 The process works by alternating hot and cold water to (hopefully) get the glass to break where you want it, along that line. Sometimes you get a crack where you don't want it. When that happens, just stop and put the bottle in the recycling bin. It cracked away from the line I scored so there is no saving it. I had 4 of these bottle and NONE of them had an acceptable break. I was just about to decide that it was the clear glass that didn't want to make a clean break, when vodka bottle broke perfectly. I think it makes a great vase. I love the clean bold graphic. 

The tops of wine and olive oil bottles can be made into elegant funnels like in the picture at the top of this post. I use these all the time in the  kitchen. Don't remove the little plastic stopper on your olive oil bottles. It's very useful in filling tiny jars. Below you can see what will go in the recycling bin. 

I'm looking for a more reliable method of doing this if anyone has any suggestions!

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