Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Repurposing a Dresser


If I had to pick one piece of furniture that is my favorite it would be a console, buffet, or sideboard. Once you have a bed to sleep on and a sofa and chair to sit in for relaxing I would say this should be your next piece of furniture. This is the most versatile piece around. I would actually expand the definition to mean a piece with or without shelves or drawers, that is long and not too wide. Library tables and sofa tables qualify. In this picture of my living room you can see how I'm using an antique turquoise buffet I inherited. Pen and Hive started out as Restoration Spring, hence the photos with that name.

You may have trouble finding just the piece you are looking for even though they are a very common piece of furniture. What to do instead? Use a dresser. Dressers abound. They began as sideboards in kitchens and dining rooms. In the United States they got moved to the bedroom and a mirror was added.

Let's take them out again, remove the mirror, and rethink them. This is a sad little dresser that was in my daughter's room for 20 years. When I celebrated reclaimed our empty nest, I decided to make it something beautiful. Read about the project here.

I could easily see this piece with beadboard on the back used as a kitchen island in the right space.  If I had a room large enough I would slide it behind the sofa. There are just so many ways to use an old dresser!

The console table by the front door is my favorite space to change out decor for seasons or holidays. 

 Here's a set of shelves from an old classroom that I picked up at Goodwill for fifteen bucks. You saw it in my daughter's loft yesterday.

What's your favorite piece of furniture?

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