Monday, October 13, 2014

Style Influences

All kinds of things influence our personal decorating style. The feeling of your grandmother's farmhouse may lead you to strive for uncluttered coziness. Pictures in magazines and on Pinterest can certainly make you want to toss out all you own and start over with Retro Glam. For me it was traveling to Finland, Norway, and Sweden a couple of years ago.

I fell in love. With style. With white paint. With clean, simple, serene.

 Here's how my Scandinavian Fantasy, which kind of sounds like it's going to include someone named Sven, is playing out in my Southern 1960s Colonial. I actually decorated and then found these photos to go with this blog post. I was even surprised at how many elements I hit without much research. Sometimes you just know.

All white bedding. 

Peg racks. The most functional thing ever invented. The traditional dala horse I picked up in Stockholm.

 I found this pillow at Home Goods and it was screaming at me to bring it home. A traditional Scandinavian design is below. Total accident but I loved the graphic bird and pop of orange.

Galvanized metal and painted furniture. Painted furniture being my favorite thing, naturally!

Painted china cabinet: check. Though I'm using mine in the bedroom to hold accessories.

Graphic art in a recycled frame. Through the letters you can see a map of Helsinki, below on the sign I made. 

For the sources of all the inspirational photos I've used here you can visit my Pinterest board: Scandinavian Design.

What kind of ideas and experiences have influenced your decorating style? 


  1. I think it is an idea that influences my decorating because I seek to create a space that creates a welcoming, hospitable feeling. I don't want any part of my house to come across off as a space where nothing can be touched but rather a place where you can curl up with a good book and make yourself at home.

    1. Hey Julie! Thanks for stopping by. I totally agree your comment. We definitely want spaces that feel like home to us and are inviting to people who visit. And a book, oh yes, a book for sure!