Sunday, October 12, 2014

Tools of the Home Recycled Trade

When I was at my daughter's loft last week I saw the cute cans in the picture above and asked if she made them. "No, Mom I bought them at Target."

I told her that to me they looked like soup cans with the bottom painted and I thought maybe she saw this on Pinterest. Then she told me about this meme:

Then she referenced our workshop where apparently she thinks we are hiding a secret door to Home Depot and Lowes. Okay, so we do have a lot of stuff. But not big expensive tools. Just the basics: hammers, screwdrivers, levels, and a variety of screws and nails. We aren't building furniture or doing home renovation. I'm just making over and salvaging things. So what are the things I'm actually using for most of these projects? If you had a few of these things on hand you could do most of the things I'm featuring this month.

Black and white spray paint: If I only had one thing on the list (okay two) this would be it.

Craft paint: You are going to need this for lots of projects. Buy a few colors that you are using in your color scheme. You don't need every color. It runs about a dollar per container so not a big investment.

Stain: I have a couple of colors that I like to use. Again no need to buy every color available. And stain goes a really long way, so you'll have some on hand after your first project.

Sandpaper: For removing old finished, preparing to stain, and aging painted finishes.

Paste Wax: for finishing wood if you are leaving it bare or mixing with stain to make your own aging wax for painted finishes.

Plaster of Paris: For creating your own chalk paint.

Interior paint: If you have ever painted your house you should have some leftover. Save it. It's especially useful if it is any shade of white. You are going to be mixing it with the Plaster of Paris and craft paint to create the chalk paint color of your choice.

Chalkboard paint: Functional in so many ways and if you buy some for one project you'll have plenty left over for smaller ones.

Brushes. For painting as well as using aging wax for details on projects.

Drop cloths: My go-to upholstery fabric. Cheap and indestructible. I've heard that you can actually put it on the floor when you are painting too. Who knew?

 If you are really doing a lot of projects then I would add these items.

Spray adhesive


Mod Podge

Letter stencils

Packaged moss

Most other things I either do have around the house and I'm trying to make them over in some way or (and this is better) I find them. Things that I use that I don't have to buy include:

"Found" (read in the trash) pieces of furniture.

Trims and moldings. You can always find these being thrown out when people are renovating.

Natural items like branches, moss, leaves, birds' nests, Christmas greenery, etc.

Once you start looking for things with an eye for how they can be recycled into your home, you'll be surprised just how much is available.

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