Thursday, October 30, 2014

Why Stained Paint Is My New Favorite Thing

Sometimes you have something around the house that is just slightly off or you redecorate and that piece you loved just doesn't fit anymore. That happened to me with a pair of candlesticks. A few years ago I taught a women's Bible study and when we finished those sweet girls gave me this pair as a gift. I loved them and they were perfect for the house at the time. You know, if only I'd taken the time to wait until I had matching candles to take this pic.

When I painted this room the original colors seemed garish and I decided to paint them. My first attempt was a layer of silver spray paint (hideous) followed by a coat of leftover paint from my mirror project. 

I used them like this for a while but something about them still bugged me.

I'd sanded and used aging wax. I wanted to keep some of the parts I liked showing through like the bits of red on the top and the green on the base. So I sanded some more.

 I was really liking the way that looked but the turquoise looked more like something I'd want if I had a beach house. I'd used the aging wax that I'd made for the furniture projects but it wasn't dark enough. In my frustration I decided to just put straight stain over the paint and see what happened.

What happened was magic.

 Suddenly the candlestick no longer looked like a painted piece of plaster but took on the appearance of painted wood. All the places I'd sanded gave depth and dimension when the stain soaked in. You can see the difference in this picture.

The one on the left is nice and would be lovely in the right setting, but the one on the left had the aged look and visual oomph I was looking for.

Staining paint, who knew?

Have you ever made an accidental decorating discovery that you loved?

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