Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Holiday Prep 2014: Paring Down and Scaling Back

I sold our Christmas tree. Yard sale. Driveway. July. Seemed totally rational. We can walk around in our storage shed now and it's awesome. But next week is Thanksgiving and the reality of my decision will hit home (in the form of an empty living room window) the next day. My daughter is sure to grill me about when I'm putting up the tree while she and her husband relax in front of the fire with coffee and pie. Not sure how to handle that. Then two weeks later our son will arrive home after 3 months in Arizona. I'm hoping he doesn't bring an international house guest so he can show them a big American Christmas.

Unless they are Scandinavian. The Scandinavians would totally get me.

This year's Christmas theme is simplicity. You'd need to know that for years I chose a theme and decorated related to it, to be able to appreciate that.  One year it was churches. One year sleds. One year mittens.

I know. But it gave me something to focus on when I was on the gift wrap aisle at Target confronted with an overwhelming number of choices. It actually helped me to say "Sleds. Sleds. Okay here's one." As opposed to holding up 50 different expensive selections, one more beautiful than the next.

Sometimes I need help focusing.

So this year's theme, Christmas: Simplified, is going to be focusing in the extreme.

Stay tuned for my attempt to actually sleep in heavenly peace during the most stressful time of the year. The goal isn't glittery and excessive but warm, comfortable, and memorable. Oh, and green. It was so unlike me to actually plan ahead and start forcing those narcissus bulbs at the top of the blog so I could replace our old factory made tree with fresh living flowers.

Generally planning ahead just isn't my thing. Kind of proud of myself for remembering the bulbs in time. Now I just have to keep them alive for a month.

Stay tuned.

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