Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Simplified: Antlers

 In my quest for simplifying everything, I sold our artificial Christmas tree and thought I'd decorate less. Except that I kept seeing such great vignettes on all the Nordic sites I was looking at on Pinterest for ideas. I kept seeing antlers. My daughter commented that antlers "are everywhere this year." If you read this blog regularly, okay, if you've ever read it you know I don't spend on trends. But hey, if I have the skull of a dead animal hanging around and it happens to be all the rage then sure, I'll drag it out and dress it up.

There was something about the winter starkness of these images that captured my decorating heart. 

 I had a deer skull that my husband found in the woods a few years back. No one at this house can kill anything. We capture spiders to release outside, for crying out loud. I brought it in from the potting shed where he'd placed it last year and spray painted it silver. It looked awesome.

The antlers I loved but the skull part looked strange as part of holiday decor. I decided to cover it with moss.

I used green thread to wrap the moss onto the skull. You can see it a bit in the photo below. This project took me less than ten minutes.


I love the way this turned out. I'm using very few Christmas lights this year and employing candles  instead. The price of this project was zero. It's got a Nordic vibe. It's beautiful and kind of funky. It's surrounded by ornaments that didn't have a place to go this year.

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