Monday, December 29, 2014

Using the Christmas Clearance Aisle all Year

You may remember that in my Christmas Simplified post: The Wrapping, I advised you to hit the after Christmas sales to stock up for Valentine's Day and beyond. Today, I'll show you what I mean.

I finally dragged myself from the house and out of my pajamas to hit Target while it was still fairly quiet. The Christmas clearance aisles had been pretty well picked over but that didn't mean there weren't some prizes to be had at half off. I picked up some shimmery silver ribbon and a roll of shiny pink  that would be perfect for a birthday, or shower gift. I also found a little can of 50 gold, silver, and gray gift tags with ribbon ties and not a reindeer or elf in sight, just sleek geometric designs that will be appropriate for any occasion.

 The thing that thrilled me most though was the spectacular copper foil paper with the white glitter pattern. I think it will be stunning as gift wrap for a wedding present! The same goes for the white and silver swirl pattern on the other roll. There were still plenty of really beautiful things left and I was careful to only purchase what I actually thought I'd be using this year. It's not a bargain if you buy it because it's cheap and you don't need it and you just have to store it. That crosses the line from thrifty to hoarding. Let's just pick up what we need and leave the rest for the next shopper.

I can mark "pick up gift wrap" off my list for all of 2015. It's a start. How are you getting ready for the new year?

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