Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fresh Start Closet: Mixing It Up

At this point you should have a blazer or cardigan sweater or some other outer layer depending on what your style is, some shirts within your color palette, and some scarves. It should all go together fairly effortlessly. Below I took one blazer, 5 shirts, and some scarves to make several outfits.
This is the top. You can see that any of these combinations would look great with jeans, camel pants, or a black pencil skirt--my basic bottoms. Some of the blouses are sleeveless and if it's cold the sweater vest adds a layer of warmth with the long sleeved shirts.

The herringbone pattern adds much more visual interest that a flat color. It's a classic pattern that suits my overall concept and as you can see--very versatile. Gray is much less harsh against skin than straight black.

Previously we talked about adding a cardigan for an added layer and pop of color. I love red with my basic palette of black/white/camel/white. Here's how great it works with the black and white blouse and the pencil skirt. But look again at the six pics above and notice how many of those blouse/scarf combinations this sweater would work with. 

Instead of this pencil skirt, I could have gone with jeans or camel pants. With just a few pieces you can pull off dozens of looks without the constant need for more shopping.

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