Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fresh Start Closet: The Shopping List

By this point you should have purged your wardrobe down to the few basic pieces that you wear all the time, know you look good in, fit properly, and go with the other things you are keeping. At this point you will notice some gaps. You may need an extra pair of jeans. Maybe you realize you don't have enough scarves. Perhaps what you are missing some important event outfits.

Quick! Right now--if you had to go to a funeral, what would you wear?

How about an interview?

A wedding?

No matter how old you are you should always have something in your closet appropriate to wear to a funeral. If you have ever had to shop while grief stricken, you'll know why. Anything can happen any time, it's kind of scary but that's just the way it is.

If you are actively looking for a job you probably have the interview outfit, but sometimes opportunity knocks unexpectedly. Be ready to open the door.

You need a pretty dress for a daytime wedding and a cocktail dress for evening. If you are starting from scratch then it's going to be a little black dress.

Besides that here are the basics every woman needs:

Classic blazer in a classic color (camel, black, gray, navy).

Jeans in whatever style suits your age and lifestyle and looks good on your body type. Skinnies are a must have for pairing with boots.

Black (or your choice of neutral) pants. 

A denim or chambray shirt. Personally I get more wear out of chambray and find it more comfortable. 

Classic white shirt. A crisp cotton one and an elegant one.

T-shirts. long and short sleeves for layering.

Cardigan in a neutral color or your favorite color. Red is a great choice; it complements all the neutrals.

Classic trench. 

Cocktail dress. You know if you are only buying one it needs to be black, right?

Two ladylike dresses for church or afternoon weddings. 

Black pencil skirt or A line skirt depending on your body type.

 Denim or khaki skirt. This is going to replace shorts after a certain age on summer days. 

Shoes: Nude heels, leopard print flats, black boots

Scarves in colors that appeal to you and look great next to your face. 

You should be able to get every outfit you ever need from this list unless you are meeting the queen or climbing Everest.

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