Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Results of the Dan Money Experiment

Remember the money that I gave away at Christmas in honor of Dan, the man who helped my son get to the airport in Phoenix? Read the whole story here. Here's what my family did with the money:

My daughter fave four of her dollars to a homeless man who asked for change. She had been actively looking for a homeless person to give her money to and then didn't have it with her when the moment presented itself. Then she and her husband gave their remaining money to their server on New Year's Day. That waitress got a $36.00 tip on a $20.00 tab. I know that made her day!

My son gave his to a homeless man who came into a restaurant where he was hanging out with a friend. He also gave Dan $35.00 for gas as they parted at the airport.

My husband put his in a can on a counter that went to help people offset the cost of fostering abused dogs.

I was checking out at the grocery and gave ten to the cashier and ten to the guy who bagged my groceries.

These are just small acts of kindness. There's nothing very time consuming or revolutionary here. It is a good start to the new year and is serving as a reminder to me that looking for opportunities to help, being generous, and actually seeing people who need help are all things that should be at the top of that resolution list.

I'm working on making 2015 a year of deliberate living. More about that coming up!

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