Friday, February 20, 2015

Making the Most of Winter

How are the resolutions going? This is around the time most people give them up. The weather in many parts of the country is making difficult it to get motivated to eat healthy or exercise. I don't want a salad when it's ten degrees. I want potato soup with bacon on top followed by warm chocolate chip cookies. It's all just so much easier when the sun shines and you can get outside. I mean, I ate a doughnut yesterday, people. Not even one from a shop but a powdered sugar one from the grocery.

I have little willpower in my own home which means sending a husband to do the shopping alone is dangerous. I don't even look at baked goods in the store but on the counter in the kitchen is a different story. I fight all my best battles at Kroger. I exit looking like a triumphant vegetarian goddess. Frankly, once it's in my house the spirit isn't even willing and the flesh doesn't stand a chance.

But you know what today is? A fresh start. A second chance. How great is it that we get one every day?

You likely feel unmotivated and maybe you've made some bad choices because let's face it, late February is "in the trenches" resolution wise.

Do not give up.

Yes, it's dreary. So keep it simple.

Put on some music and dance for 20 minutes.

Organize the junk drawer.

Pick 3 things from your closet you can toss.

Drink some water.

If it's all just really too much for you today, catch up on some reading. I've been reading Anne Lamott who is guaranteed to cheer you up. If you can't get to the bookstore or library and don't have a Kindle, watch an interview online.

Or give your brain a work out. I love Sporcle and finally beat Name the Countries of Europe. Here's a tip: study the spelling first because you have to get that right too. On to the other continents! 

Spring is just around the corner so make yourself some tea and read something you've been meaning to get around to. We'll be cutting grass and complaining about mosquitoes before you can say record lows.

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