Monday, June 22, 2015

Honey Labels: New Design

After my post about my pain killer induced Kardashian marathon a few of my friends expressed concern. Couldn't I hold a book? they wondered. I knew they were really wondering if my brain was melting. Maybe, plus I couldn't hold a book and keep ice on my shoulder.

 Finally this week it subsided enough for me to just take muscle relaxers at night. Which meant my brain fog lifted. I still couldn't get much physically done but I read and watched the news. Which brought on a different kind of pain. Then I got busy designing new labels for the honey I'll harvest as soon as the doctor tells me I can lift something weighing thirty pounds. Meanwhile here's what the new labels for my little micro-apiary (figure if you can have a micro-brewery...) look like:

pen and hive art

I love the paler yellow above but when printed out it read very green. So in the ones below I amped up the yellow. Still have some color work to do. I like designing the labels nearly as much as tending the bees.

pen and ink

Instead of trying to guess what the girls are foraging and giving the honey names like white clover and honeysuckle, I decided to use descriptions of the overall flavor to name the different products. Spring is super sweet and floral so we have It's Simple. Fall is dark and complex, It's Complicated. This summer's harvest tastes like white clover meets a road trip, It's Wild. Who wants honey with boring names?

pen and hive art

And just for fun I whipped up this cute graphic for when the honey is available. Super excited to get over this injury and get back to jarring up honey for everyone who's waiting!

I may even try something like the graphic below for a few hours one day. Things are about to get sweet!

pen and hive banner

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